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                  New Product
                  PRODUCT CATEGORIES
                  COMPANY PROFILE
                  Fujian AiBang Electric CO.,LTD was established in 1991 and located in RuiAn City,It is a comprehensive enterprise with the business covering science research,manufacturing and trade. Our company professionally manufactures various parts for auto、 motor、electrical appliance,including connector and plug parts,fuse blocks,safety levers,wire harness,lamp holders,etc.Our products are chosen as fitings by dozens of auto plants. We pay much attention to the development of new product so as to well meet the need of auto industry,keeping innovation and self-improvement to provide customers with reliable quality. We insist that the quality is for existence and the science is for development to an enterprise. We regard that the customer,quality and credit are top important and keep the contract and honor the credit.We heartily welcome all the customers visit us.